The Inspiration for Amadeus

Tom Hulce as Mozart (l) and F. Murray Abraham as Salieri (r), as depicted in the 1984 Miloš Forman film, Amadeus. (Fair use/CCL).

This play was written in c. 1832 by famed Russian playwright, Alexander Pushkin. It is (obviously) in the public domain. I am posting it here in case some other nerd might be interested in it. Curiously short, the play was yet the inspiration for the 1984 film, , albeit by a circuitous route.

The plot of Amadeus, as summarized in Wikipedia, is as follows:

In the winter of 1823, is committed to a after surviving a , during which his servants overhear him confess to murdering

AirBnb, VRBO, Neighborhoods, and the Stranger Next Door

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IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Your feedback is needed soon. The city’s Quality of Life, Arts & Culture Committee will vote on its recommendation for the regulation of short-term rentals on May 17th. That recommendation will go to the full City Council for a vote on June 9th. Please contact your city councilperson with your opinion ASAP.

City Quality of Life Commissioners can be contacted here:

City Council Members can be reached here:

You can pick your friends, but not your family, it is said. But what about neighbors? To some degree…

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A word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase and adding the letters “L,” “M,” “N,” and “O.” For example, racy and normalcy. Can you think of any other elemenograms? (Hint: Think of a word that contains “l,” “m,” “n,” and “o,” and work backwards!)


An exclamatory phrase loosely descriptive of a country and containing a noun, a synonym for the word “scheme,” a work of civil engineering, and the name of the country, such as, “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!” Other examples include, “An apparatchik, a system, an irrigation ditch…

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At various points in the past year my son, daughter, father, and pregnant wife have all been in diapers of some form or another.

I had heard of the so-called Sandwich Generation, generally defined as those who are simultaneously caring for aging parents and young children. I just never thought I would find myself a part of it less than five years after getting married. I also didn’t think so much of it would revolve around… well… shit.

Has Davey pooped today? Did he poop yesterday? Well, when was the last time he pooped? What color was it?

Mabel is…

Sorry, I don’t really have my elevator speech down, but if you have a minute…

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It’s sort of a coming age tale, a bildungsroman if you will. Actually, now that I’m thinking more about it, it’s more of a roman à clef of sorts. But also a picaresque.

Does that make sense?

Let me back up. You see, the main character is a White guy. Wait! It’s okay because it’s sort of a comic fable that’s also a satire, like, ‘Can you believe this guy?’ He’s a total jerk. Don’t worry. Like, he’s racist. But wait! The racism is ironic…

(And a few suggestions.)

Greetings fellow Freedom Fighters. And thank you, Comrade Melshoy, for that gracious introduction. I will try to be brief, but I beg you all to understand the import that I feel my words bear for us: the Resistance!

As regards the Collaborators...

Yes, yes, boo to them indeed!

But as to them, being as they are in power, both de facto and de jure, our ability to operate undetected and incognito is of the utmost urgency. …

The 2010s Ended With COVID & Biden’s Victory. When did the others?

There’s a quote, oft-repeated in Poor Richard’s Almanacks, Guinness Books of World Records, Federal Registers, VH1 Best Ofs, and other definitive cultural retrospectives, that a given decade doesn’t really end until a year or two into the next. This year was an exception.

The 2010s

For Americans, the 2010s began to end early, only three months into 2020, as COVID-19 started its febrile, withering, phantasmagorical parade across the United States. Its Churchillian “end of the end” took place sometime over the past weeks as Biden’s victory and the end of the reptilian Trump era became more certain.

Beyond this most recent one…

Let’s Agree to Disagree

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We can all agree that Abraham Lincoln was wrong about everything. If so (and it is certainly not) then he was wrong in positing that a house divided against itself cannot stand; thus, a house divided against itself at least might stand. In that case, and assuming you — we — want the house, our country, to stand, i.e., continue to exist as a single polity, it is then likely, or at least possibly, better to divide the house than to let its occupants burn it down and murder each other. Based on this unassailable logic, I propose a new…


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Trust me when I tell you, it can be done. You too can make $100 a month writing on Medium. Think of it, a bag of ground coffee, your water bill, and nine Lean Cuisines each month can be yours if you follow these two easy steps. It’s [not] called Inward Singing, check it out…

1. Be Literate in Written English

Hard to overstate this, but the first step is to make sure you are literate in written English. Many of your readers may cut you a break, but editors are going to notice if you don’t know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their,’ ‘here’ and…

Whither Legacy in a Digital Age? — Part 2

J.P. Melkus

It's been a real leisure. [That picture is not me.--ed.]

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