The Inspiration for Amadeus

This play was written in c. 1832 by famed Russian playwright, Alexander Pushkin. It is (obviously) in the public domain. I am posting it here in case some other nerd might be interested in it. …

AirBnb, VRBO, Neighborhoods, and the Stranger Next Door

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Your feedback is needed soon. The city’s Quality of Life, Arts & Culture Committee will vote on its recommendation for the regulation of short-term rentals on May 17th. That recommendation will go to the full City Council for a…

(And a few suggestions.)

Greetings fellow Freedom Fighters. And thank you, Comrade Melshoy, for that gracious introduction. I will try to be brief, but I beg you all to understand the import that I feel my words bear for us: the Resistance!

As regards the Collaborators...

Yes, yes, boo to them indeed!

But as…

The 2010s Ended With COVID & Biden’s Victory. When did the others?

There’s a quote, oft-repeated in Poor Richard’s Almanacks, Guinness Books of World Records, Federal Registers, VH1 Best Ofs, and other definitive cultural retrospectives, that a given decade doesn’t really end until a year or two into the next. This year was an exception.

The 2010s

For Americans, the 2010s began to end…

Let’s Agree to Disagree

We can all agree that Abraham Lincoln was wrong about everything. If so (and it is certainly not) then he was wrong in positing that a house divided against itself cannot stand; thus, a house divided against itself at least might stand. In that case, and assuming you — we…

J.P. Melkus

It's been a real leisure. [That picture is not me.--ed.]

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